Sencillo Black

The outstanding quality and affordable price of Sencillo Platinum cigars have won them thousands of fans since they were introduced. By introducing Sencillo Black cigars handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua, Keith K. Park, the same man who created the elegant Prometheus line of cigar accessories and critically acclaimed God of Fire and Angelenos cigars, is sure to win the brand even more acclaim.

Sencillo Black is a new twist on the Sencillo theme. Like Sencillo Platinum (the first release of the Sencillo brand), it is a truly extraordinary cigar that is smooth enough and inexpensive enough to smoke every day. Yet Sencillo Black has a distinctive flavor all its own. If Sencillo Platinum is the cabernet of the line, Sencillo Black is the pinot noir.

Sencillo Black is handmade with five different tobaccos. The filler is blended from two Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in Nicaragua and Honduras-Ligero Habano Jalapa (Nicaragua) and Ligero Habano Jamastran (Honduras) as well as Viso San Andres tobacco grown in Mexico. The Habano Colorado wrapper and Habano Jalapa binder are also Cuban-seed, Nicaraguan-grown leaves. The five different tobaccos blend perfectly to give Sencillo Black a consistent yet complex flavor.

According to Keith K. Park, Founder and President of Prometheus and God of Fire, "We had been planning a Nicaraguan blend for our cigar portfolio for many years. We worked on the Sencillo Black blend for over a year. The cigars were ready, but we decided to age them longer to deliver a more polished and flavorful taste to our customers."

All five sizes of the Sencillo Black have a similarly smooth character, but each one emphasizes different aspects of the flavor profile and provides a unique smoking experience. Sample them all to find your favorite, or simply keep a stock of each one on hand to suit any setting.


Sencillo Black Robusto  MSRP $8.50
50 x 5 1/4 inches, 19 mm x 133
25 cigars per box (MSRP $212.50)

Wrapper, Binder and Filler: Honduras

Although the aptly named Robusto has the most robust flavor of all the Sencillo Black cigars, the flavor is so smooth you can still smoke them all day long. Its taste packs the most punch of all the Sencillo Black sizes, and it is the only one that carries hints of pepper and allspice. Those who prefer a medium-to-heavy taste will likely prefer the Robusto.


Sencillo Black Gigante  MSRP $9.95
60 x 6 inches, 23 mm x 152
25 cigars per box (MSRP $248.75)

Wrapper, Binder and Filler: Honduras

The biggest and mildest of the five sizes of Sencillo Black cigars, the Gigante presents an incomparable combination of smooth taste and full flavor. Its subtly savory, mildly sweet taste is mellow but full from first light to the last inch. Those who love large, flavorful cigars are sure to find the Gigante one of their all-time-favorite smokes.


Sencillo Black Piramide 60 No.5 and No.4

Wrapper: Viso Habana Jalapa
Binder: Viso Habana Honduras and Viso Habana Esteli
Filler: Viso Habna Condega, Ligero Habana Esteli Especial, Ligero Habana Jalapa

The Piramide 60 catches your nose with a deep, earthen aroma evocative of tropical forests and coffee plantations. Like Sencillo Platinum Gran Toro 56, it is hearty and full-bodied yet suave on the palate. As the Piramide 60 enters its middle act, the complexity increases, with a hint of the rich pepper-and-chocolate notes of fine molé. The finish is remarkably smooth, a decrescendo only a virtuoso cigar blender could execute. Although the Piramide 60 goes with practically any food or beverage you might choose, you particularly enjoy it with a cup of rich coffee or expresso.


Sencillo Black Piramide 60 No. 5   MSRP $9.95
60 x 5 1/2 inches, 23 mm x 140
10 cigars per box (MSRP $99.50)


Sencillo Black Piramide 60 No. 4   MSRP $8.95
60 x 4 1/2 inches, 23 mm x 114
10 cigars per box (MSRP $89.50)

The MSRP will vary, depending on the tobacco tax and import duty rates in the state or country where the authorized Sencillo dealer is located.

For customers residing in the U.S., there will be state tobacco and sales taxes. For customers residing outside the U.S., the import duty and local tobacco tax will be added.
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