When we were contemplating launching the Sencillo brand, I fondly remembered a few particular blends I tasted during my trips to Honduras and Nicaragua. They were full of flavor yet accessible, the kinds of cigars you could smoke any time of day, whenever you have a few spare moments to sit back and enjoy life.

For Sencillo, I wanted to pursue this same flavor profile, this same experience. Both of the Sencillo brands, Sencillo Platinum and Sencillo Black, have a rich, relaxing, thoroughly enjoyable flavor. Yet they are distinctly different cigars.


Sencillo Platinum is produced in Danli, Honduras, mostly from tobaccos grown nearby.

Sencillo Black comes from Esteli, Nicaragua, and is made largely with tobacco from that region.

The two towns are only 80 miles apart, yet the tobaccos from the two regions have substantially different flavors. As you move south toward Nicaragua, the soil becomes darker, with more volcanic origin, and you can taste the difference in the tobacco.


Wine connoisseurs know well the character that different growing regions impart to a grape. They call it "terroir." Like wine grapes, tobacco picks up the character of the place it's grown.


Just as a serious aficionado delights in the differences between the wines of Napa and Sonoma, or Bordeaux and Burgundy, so should the dedicated cigar aficionados explore the varied flavors of different tobacco growing regions: Nicaragua, Honduras and Dominican Republic. You could call it a tour of taste.


So sit back, take some time, and explore the refined, relaxing experience of Sencillo Platinum and Sencillo Black. You deserve it! And the more you explore the countless flavors that the cigars of the world offer, the more you'll appreciate and enjoy cigars!

The best things in life are simple pleasures. Let’s savor each moment.

Keith K. Park
Founder and President
Sencillo - Prometheus - God of Fire - Angelenos
Los Angeles, California